Services Overview

  • High quality sheet-fed and web offset presses, as well as short runs
  • We employ the best printer for your job, depending on the capabilities of the printer and matching it to your project. Equipment lists are available upon request.

  • CTP (Computer To Plate)
  • Files and images that are created in your desktop publishing software are output directly to a printing plate or digital proofing device, thus eliminating the need for film output prior to platemaking or proofing. This allows for far more accurate reproduction than was previously possible with film, due to frequent variations in film exposure and film processing. Our digital proofs are also generated directly from your files.

  • Proofing methods
  • Full color press proofs (wet proofs) or digital proofs (from your trouble free PDFs) as well as soft proofs in PDF or JPG format. Depending on the complexity of your color images and your budget, we will determine the optimum proofing method for your project.

  • FTP site for confirming layouts and corrections
  • We will provide you with a password to access our site. Once uploaded, please supply us with the filename and date of upload. Instructions for uploading are provided on the Technical page on this website.

  • Technical expertise in planning, creating, designing, and programming
  • Our overseas managers (Suh Young Ho in Korea, and Paul Chau in China) have spent their entire career in the printing industry, in various production and management positions, and have received extensive technical training from some of the best international tech schools. They are "hands on" with every job from receipt of files to final press and bindery approval. Their skillful and trained eyes become your eyes, always keeping your best interest as their foremost goal.

  • Archiving of files and film storage
  • At the completion of a job, we archive the final files and store them for you. We can also send you the final files at the cost of $50 per dvd. Please be sure to include this request when sending us your specs for quotation.

  • Handling of customs clearance, drop shipments to various destinations, and delivery to your warehouse
  • We work with freight forwarders here in the U.S. who have offices across the states, with offices or representatives in Asia. They work closely with our production offices and printers, keeping your project on schedule.

  • Sourcing for specialty papers, gift items, special inks, foils and packaging.
  • We have access to many sources in Asia for finding distributors for all aspects of printing needs. We can arrange importing if needed, as well as source products and supply samples to you.

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