CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)

In an effort to ensure that all of our suppliers are in compliance with the guidelines of the CPSIA standards for books and other printed materials (targeted primarily at Chinese manufacturers), established into law in August of 2008, we have been conducting exhaustive testing for the past several months. We have been testing a wide range of commonly used papers and substrates, inks, varnishes, UV Coatings, lamination films, binding adhesives, shrink wrap films, and other finishing materials used in the vast majority of our printing projects and in routine use by virtually all printers with whom we work. These tests are now complete. If you do need a particular material tested, we can arrange for an independent lab to perform the test.

Although primary concern has been about the lead content of various materials, we also did extensive testing of many other known toxic ingredients which have occasionally shown up in some materials (flame retardants, sulfonates, phthalates, mercury, etc…). You can be assured that ALL of the materials and substrates in use by our suppliers contain levels of these toxic materials well below the acceptable amounts or none at all. The technical data collected in these reports numbers in several hundreds of pages. But we have put together a sampling of these reports for you to download.

These are selected reports on paper, inks, varnishes, binding adhesives, casebound binding materials, shrink wrap, and more, but we can assure you that all of our suppliers use materials that are at or below these test results. All of our manufactured products are guaranteed to be in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).