About P. Chan & Edward

We are a printing management company, headquartered in California, with sales offices in the Northwest and Mid-Atlantic, and overseas production offices in Hong Kong, Korea and China. We have been representing some of the finest printers and prepress houses in Asia for the past 30+ years.

As interest in printing overseas grew, we established overseas production offices to meet this need.  We work directly with publishing firms, museums, universities and independent publishers, commercial corporations and self-publishers. We offer our clients extensive project management and sourcing.

Working in partnership with us, we will guide you to the printer most closely matched to your project needs, while offering cost saving ideas, suggesting papers and binding materials based on availability overseas, and help guide you through the entire workflow from design to output of print ready files for your projects. Our U.S. representative would be your contact with the overseas printers, bypassing any language barriers.

We take special care of your project while it is in production, providing you with excellent quality, a high level of color accuracy, sturdy binding - a project we can all be proud of.  Once a project becomes a job, we issue our purchase order to the printer, becoming the client to the printer, ensuring that they meet their responsibility in providing the best product they can.

Principals in our company

Chan Park, President
Chan established P. Chan & Edward in the early 1980’s, as at that time, Asian printers had U.S. companies representing them to publishing clients, primarily because of language barriers, and difference in printing terms and paper weights. Over the years, as P. Chan & Edward’s business grew, he established production offices in Korea, Hong Kong and subsequently one in mainland China.

Bob Rock
Bob started his career in the printing industry in 1973 in Chicago at Regensteiner Press, at which time was considered to be one of the most respected high quality printers in the country. At Regensteiner he was put through an extensive 4 year training program at various technical colleges and training centers, while continuing his work as an estimator, then on to production and production management, and then finally becoming a part of their sales force. After Regensteiner closed their doors, Bob went on to work in sales for two other very high quality printers before starting his own print broker business, GeoGraphics with Cindy Peer. Soon after, Bob merged their business with P. Chan & Edward, where they continue to produce outstanding quality print projects using the best international resources available.

Cindy Peer, Sales and Marketing Director
Cindy's background was in the hotel and restaurant business, but she was eager to learn a new business. In 1985, she joined P. Chan & Edward, as sales associate, located in Dallas.  She apprenticed under Bob Rock, learning much about the printing industry by visiting film houses, printing plants, paper mills, binderies, and publishing houses. As she learned more and more about the business, she developed a rapport with publishing clients, and created a client base.  She represents P. Chan & Edward in the states west of the Mississippi and is living in Sandpoint, Idaho, where she works from her home.

Young Ho Suh, General Manager, Seoul, Korea
Young Ho Suh's background has always been in printing.  He apprenticed with a major printer in the 1970s and 1980’s and help set up our Korean office in 1992. He has a keen eye for color, and knows the printing industry from all aspects. He is responsible for the office operation and staff management, press checks, as well as managing the estimating process from all printers.

Paul Chau, General Manager, Hong Kong, China
Paul Graduated in 1992 from vocational training council, went on to work in various printers in Hong Kong. He attended the London institute at London College in 2000, joined P. Chan & Edward in 2003, and has been managing our Hong Kong and China office since then. He is responsible for the production staff, who conduct press checks, quality control checks, and research of new materials.

Our Work

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It is not just about state-of-the-art equipment, decades of experience, and unmatched technical expertise - our most important goal is to provide exceptional service.

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