Green Manufacturing

P. Chan & Edward, Inc. is now SGS Certified and has received FSC® certification. SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council™) is a model of certification allowing products that flow from certified forests to enter the marketplace with a credential that is unique. Any FSC® labeled product can be traced back to a certified source. This aspect of the system is the basis for any credible certification system and is the link between consumer preference and responsible forest management. To view a copy of our chain-of-custody certification, CLICK HERE.

FSC LogoAll of us at P. Chan & Edward, Inc. pride ourselves in manufacturing responsibly. As longstanding stewards of our environment, we strongly believe in sustainability. While continuing to provide our customers with excellent service and quality, we maintain the highest standards in responsible printing practices. By printing "green" overseas, we are able to provide our customers with eco-friendly products at very competitive prices.

While most of our printers now use soy based ink formulas, even those that still use petroleum based inks are using ink formulations that are free of lead and other known toxic chemicals, such as sulfonates, phthalates, mercury, flame retardants, etc.

As for our paper and other printing substrates, even our "stock papers" are fully tested and guaranteed to be free of the above mentioned toxic materials, and are manufactured under strict chain-of-custody FSC® guidelines. But for those clients that prefer Recycled papers, these too are available overseas. For further information about our test results, CLICK HERE.

Here are just some of the Recycled and FSC® papers which we can offer:

Paper Name / Mill
Country of Origin
Recycled Content
Weights (GSM)
Recycled Papers
Cyclus RePrint Dalum Denmark 50% pcw 80/100/130/150/200/350
Cyclus RePrint Dalum Denmark 100% pcw 70/80/90 up to 350gsm
Munken Print Cream Artic Paper Sweden   80/100gsm
White-A Matte Coated Japan Pulp and Paper   80 to 157gsm
White-A Gloss Coated Japan Pulp and Paper   105/127/158gsm
White-A Card Green 100 Tai Tak Paper, Japan 100% Post Consumer 190gsm to 310gsm
ECO-G 100 Woodfree Tai Tak Paper, Japan 100% Post Consumer 64gsm to 157gsm
OK Matte Kote Green 100 Tai Tak Paper, Japan 100% Post Consumer 81.4gsm to 157gsm
OK Gloss Kote Green 100 Tai Tak Paper, Japan 100% Post Consumer 79.1gsm to 157gsm
Matte Kote Green 100 Oji Paper Japan 100% pre/post consumer 81 to 157gsm
Ningbo Gloss art board Ningbo China 55% pcw 200gsm to 400gsm
Ningbo Fold Ivory Ningbo China 15% - 20% pcw 190gsm to 400gsm
Utopia 2 Gloss Text Appleton Paper, U.S.A. 10% Post Consumer 80# / 100#
FSC® Certified Papers
Oji Paper Japan    
Moorim Paper Co., Ltd. Korea    
Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. Korea    
Shandong Chenming Paper China