Our company

P. Chan & Edward, Inc., has been sourcing high end printing in Asia for the past 30+ years. Our company has been working with publishing firms, museums, universities, and small presses since 1985. As publishers became more interested in the benefits of overseas printing, P. Chan & Edward grew along with this trend, and we are now representing the finest film houses and printers throughout Asia.

By working in close partnership with printers in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore. And by consulting thoroughly with our clients every step of the way, P. Chan & Edward is able to deliver the finest printed products at the best possible price.

**NEW: We've just added a new supplier to our family of printers. This Singapore printer specializes in Art & Photography books, including Tri-Tone and metallic inks, elaborate binding and finishing, etc.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about us and our services.

*NOTE: All our manufacturers use materials in compliance with the new CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) guidelines. To learn more, and to view reports, please click HERE.


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How we can help you


We have the technical expertise you require to plan, design and execute your printing project to the highest standards of quality.


Our careful selection of partners and deep knowledge of their expertise allows us to select the most suitable manufacturer for pre-press, printing and binding. We can also recommend designers and photographers.


As great as the end results may be, it comes down to getting the best service at the right price. You will not find a better balance anywhere else.


The possibilities are endless, if you know where to find them. We can help you find the perfect specialty papers, gift items, special inks, foils, and packaging.

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